turns out I kinda fucked these up but idk managed to edit them n decided to kinda stylize them in a way, it looks awful but at least it looks like something

I really need to find a day to do this without rushing myself tbh

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ok so I thought Abt making my first post on here kinda special n use my DSLR 4 it (i usually just take these with my phone)

I think I fucked up the settings a bit n I'm not sure if I got the focus right but we'll see

gonna follow this up with an edited photo(s)when I get home (if they're usable)

thought abt moving this thing I do whenever I travel thru warsaw n walk by the PKiN (Palace of Culture and Science) to mastodon so I thought abt maybe using a hashtag 4 it cuz they look p dope for like organizing toots n stuff since you can like put them on ur profile

anyway whenever I'll be travelling thru warsaw I'll try to take pictures of the PKiN and tag them with or smth maybe idk

fantoro (but vevo) dot com

just a server 4 me n my friends