does anyone here know much about 3d printers? friend's looking for a good printer in the 400-500 USD range (mainly for headphones mods n parts)

what are some good players on Linux considering going with cmus but idk

like I want an MPD style daemon but I want it to be more modular

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I dont like any of the linux ones except for MPD but I dont like how the only modular part of it is the frontends, I like how Mopidy takes MPD's core idea n makes it extensible but most of the modules are barely maintained and it just feels very buggy sometimes not to mention the lowkey ancient pre-python3 architecture

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considering writing my own music player is that a good idea

man I need 2 follow more ppl from different tzs

what happened w single user instances now lmao

I wish I did cool stuff n was like a cool tech person ngl lo

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9/11 joke, queen lizzy 


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Please help me keep my dog! :sharesloved:

My dog has specific problems that make it hard/impossible to work & leave the house. A trainer will give me a bunch of free 1-on-1 sessions (fuckin amazing!) and I pay for their monthly group thing.

I need to be getting at least $25/month but more means more time I can dedicate to training!

Every tiny bit helps!!
- (monthly)
- (monthly or 1time)
- venmo or cashapp: aldercone (1time)

(photo w/ dog ec)

whats a good utility for editing xdg defaults (I dont feel like editing them directly LOL)

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fantoro (but vevo) dot com

just a server 4 me n my friends