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need some advice: would it be a good idea to use super glue to quickly glue the iphone screen back into the phone after the adhesive came loose

nvm fixed it (it was useplatformclock lol (I turned it on for Saints Row 2 but it fucked my window s up so yea))

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shout out to windows 10 for Suddenly deciding to slow down for no reason

u ever ask ppl 4 advice and then not follow it and then try to remember what was that advice

standard US qwerty keyboards need a share button like dualshock controllers

does anyone know where I can get one of those voip american phone numbers for cheap

new pfp time?

man I wish I werent stupid cuz messing around with cheatengine n stuff is fun but I Dont know what the fuck im doing

turns out its cuz I'm using a data uri for the div background img so gmail doesnt like that which sucks cuz I want everything 2 be in the mail

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can any gmail tech wizards tell me how to not make gmail treat a div in my signature as plain text? that's the only div it's doin that to

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css is so fun I love opening 200 mdn docs tabs and not knowing if the thing I wrote actually does anything

just made a new professional email signature what do y'all think

someone needs to make a tui email client with html and IMG/GIF support

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